1) In the scorching sun, diluted with the savouring odour of failure. We are bound to hide our skill away, assuming it is flaw. During the persistent draught, coupled with the daunting thrills of lack. We are tempted to call our sweat sweet, feeling it will pass for wine. 2)Down the valley of Ignorance, we…… Continue reading BREATHLESS


“I think I should just tell the Judges the truth” “What nonsense!” Rosella hissed, and started packing her clothes. Fernandez watched her carefully, When she eventually tied them into a Knot and carried it, he was surprised. “So you would run away like a coward?” Rosella couldn’t take it anymore, she broke down into tears.…… Continue reading RACE 8


As a child, I used to receive lots of chocolate from certain uncles and Aunties. At a point these chocolates became something I love so much. A day wouldn’t go by without having chocolates. Sometimes, I even prefer chocolates over good food. It started affecting my teeth and I was almost addicted to chocolates.😄 Then…… Continue reading CHOCOLATES!


Love I thought was ‘a gift’ But I laboured for mine. Yet… It was nowhere My sweat dripping and telling tales of my plight… Love I thought was ‘a soul lifter’ But mine was burdened And I faint endlessly like a… ‘am gonna die soon’ Love was equal for everyone but partial with me. When…… Continue reading LOVE IS NOT MY PORTION


Not being worthy is better than being addressed a criminal; especially a murderer of the town Elite’s daughter. Rosella was in dilemma whether to confess everything to the Judges or keep mute and watch how things turn up. The detective had sworn to get the truth out. She couldn’t let that happen. This truth could…… Continue reading RACE 7

The Race 6

“Are you fine? You look like you’ve seen a ghost”, the harvester asked. Rosella looked around to be sure Maria was quite a distance from them. She moved closer to the man and whispered “What do you know? ” The man stood there looking confused. “I don’t know anything that I … Shouldn’t… well, except…… Continue reading The Race 6


Maria might be a fool but she does knows when something is not right. “Why didn’t you come for the rehearsals today?” Rosella sighs, she was not up for Maria’s trouble this morning but she answered quickly to get Maria off her back. She clears her throat, “ehm ehm, well I was not feeling too…… Continue reading THE RACE 5


The day for the Race draws near and every worthy bride will go home with her Bridegroom. The girls were excited and couldn’t stop dreaming of what their life will look like after the race; how they will be worthy enough to sit by the side of their bridegroom and rule his home. Especially those…… Continue reading THE RACE 4

God’s fool, Wisdom full

With the way I ran after those footsteps Even though they lead nowhere true, I could be anybody’s fool. How I jump into those arms Filled with thorns that pricks, I was somebody’s fool. When I listened to every daunting voices, Despite their horrible effect on my eardrum, that I became deaf to the right…… Continue reading God’s fool, Wisdom full

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