The Race 6

“Are you fine? You look like you’ve seen a ghost”, the harvester asked. Rosella looked around to be sure Maria was quite a distance from them. She moved closer to the man and whispered “What do you know? ” The man stood there looking confused. “I don’t know anything that I … Shouldn’t… well, except…… Continue reading The Race 6


Maria might be a fool but she does knows when something is not right. “Why didn’t you come for the rehearsals today?” Rosella sighs, she was not up for Maria’s trouble this morning but she answered quickly to get Maria off her back. She clears her throat, “ehm ehm, well I was not feeling too…… Continue reading THE RACE 5


The day for the Race draws near and every worthy bride will go home with her Bridegroom. The girls were excited and couldn’t stop dreaming of what their life will look like after the race; how they will be worthy enough to sit by the side of their bridegroom and rule his home. Especially those…… Continue reading THE RACE 4

God’s fool, Wisdom full

With the way I ran after those footsteps Even though they lead nowhere true, I could be anybody’s fool. How I jump into those arms Filled with thorns that pricks, I was somebody’s fool. When I listened to every daunting voices, Despite their horrible effect on my eardrum, that I became deaf to the right…… Continue reading God’s fool, Wisdom full


Before Dusk the news of Fernandez’s arrival is the latest gist of the Girls in the town especially the ones ripe for the competition. Most of them wished they could be picked by Fernandez. They would do anything to prove themselves worthy as Fernandez’s wife. To some it meant freedom from their father’s house and…… Continue reading THE RACE CONTINUED

THE RACE Continued

The cry was faint but She heard it loud and clear as she walked past the dark bushes. Her steps faltered. It was late and she wasn’t sure if it was a smart thing to stop and inspect the source of the noise. She turned towards her village and made to leave. But she heard…… Continue reading THE RACE Continued


Does life give us a second chance? The race had begun and she wondered if she would win this time around. She had to be on her feet and maintain her lane. Marriage was a race to her Society. Her background was nothing to speak of, yet her beauty and learning skills has built quiet…… Continue reading THE RACE


Cameras! Lights! Action! Well composed, the awe of the audience Pitch perfect, It won’t crack Demeanor so serene like heaven’s piece of peace. I couldn’t even tell hate from love Cause all we saw through the eyes of this actor was something like The curtains dropped, the applause falls like winter. And behind the scene,…… Continue reading BEHIND THE SCENES

The Ideas in my Mind

A furnace, fiery and hot. At the center of it was my mind, aching and striving to be sane. It burned like it wouldn’t stop until I saw the tiny bit of coals, burnt black. A Fire was burning but nothing cooked Just intense heat and burnt coals, formed by the substance of my mind.…… Continue reading The Ideas in my Mind

Narrow Bridge

Life , usually is not what it seems to be You might want to mix it with time and duration spent staying alive But life is oil, time is water, they can’t mix well. Or you might call it ‘the very chord itself’ that identifies you as living. Well, I couldn’t say you’re wrong but…… Continue reading Narrow Bridge